An end, a beginning, a rupture. The final exhibition concludes a defining section which has determined in it’s intense process the lives of students every day. For graduates, the end of the studies means the beginning of something new, something unknown. The final exhibition named Parcours in the department of design at FB Design FH Münster, provides space for dialogue and the conscious analysis of the various theses after every semester.

The students task is the visualization of a chain complex issues in context of reflection and review of creative narrative structures as well as Qualification and classification of the environment and the target groups. Parcours let us find something in which we believe, something different than fashion, style and decoration. Welcomes the Incomplete, makes mistakes and lets us turn oft he computer.

Parcours is supposed to be exciting, questioning, modern and relevant. The whole range of contemporary events communication gets worked out there. Based on the exhibition design we created an analog and digital catalog, the exhibition Teaser, graduates portraits in motion picture, invitations, posters up to the communicative steering through social media.


Fritz Fischer, Lisa Grote, Annika Hübner, Ragna Kißling, Nils Küsters, Annika-Sophie Manche, Vanessa Müller, Lisa Pawelzik, Max Schmieding, Anika Stieling, Katharina Uhrlau, Jonas Wahlers, Timo Wissemborski